Style Group Photography


Photographer: Derrick Vanderkolk 

Style Group 

Burlington Ont


Derrick can you tell me a bit about yourself ?

Well, I grew up in a Family that has been in the Arts for over 50 years, so it was just natural that I went into the Arts myself. My father Willem Van der KOLK  was a photographer for the Arts Associates shooting Fashion photography, he later became the Assistant Director and PR director for the Ministry of Health. I was also fortunate enough to be around the Toronto Film Festival growing up, my uncle Henk Vanderkolk was the founder. My Aunt Yanka has been featured in Vogue Magazine, taught at Complections make up school, Sheridan fashion arts, and has been a judge for Canada’s next top Model. She has been one of Canada’s top Models for over 30 years.

I went to Sheridan College for Photography for two years. I then worked as an assistant at PI Media, After 1 year I got my chance to shine in the commercial world of photography. I did commercial photography for 17 years while shooting weddings on the weekends.

I decided to focus on weddings, so I left the commercial side of things and helped train other photographers and build several wedding companies. After seeing what I could build for others I decided to start Style Group.

Derricks work has been described as Magazine style photography.

How long have you been doing Photography?

21 years

What services do you offer?

Weddings , Commercial , Fashion , Portraits , Food photography,

Candid Corner.  (details on website).

Do you have a bridal/ large Event package(s)?

Yes I do. Please contact for more information.

How far are you willing to travel?

2 hr radius around Burlington

What is your favorite lens?


What is your specialty?


Tell me about how fluent you are with editing software?

Lightroom is the software I use.

Do you prefer natural looking shots or do you like to play with backgrounds in the editor you use?

Natural is always better , then over photoshopped images

Do you charge more for editing?

Not usually but if clients have a request then yes

Is there anything else you would like tell our readers about your business?

My images speak for themselves

They sure do. Check out Derricks fantastic work at: