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If you want to save Stress and Money. . .

Starting at $3,000 you can have a planner from start to finish at any location you chose. How does that Save money? Well, you see, your Planner knows lots of people in the Event Industry, She knows who is good, who is okay, and who is amazing. She has also developed relationships with these people and can offer you prices better than you can get. Let’s see… If the majority of your Vendors are offering a 10-20% discount, or just knows where has the best prices, based on your budget, That would most likely Cover, if not exceed your planners fee. Oh, and wait! How much time and stress did she SAVE you? You didn’t have to make calls to 20 Decor businesses, Venues, Florists, Bakers, Entertainers for pricing (and the list goes on), Once your Vendors are chosen, you don’t have to keep in touch with any of them regarding timelines, payments, and details, your planner does that for you. You only need to talk to your planner.

Take a look at our Day of Coordination (the month of coordinator $950-1250) and Full Service Planning ($3000) Options Here.